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Affordable Nucleic Acid Purification System 96, One year warranty. in Stock @USA

Affordable Nucleic Acid Purification System 96, One year warranty. in Stock @USA

SKU: Auto-Pure 96
  • This is Brand New Nucleic Acid Purification System 96
  • This is NOT KingFisher Flex 96 system, but same function
  • One year warranty
  • Technical support and customer service from Delaware USA
  • Lead time 1-2 weeks
  • More details and specification on request
  • ================================
  • Q & A

    Q: What is the runtime to extract 96 samples?

    A: It depends on extraction kits, different extraction kits runtime different, usually 25-35 mins


    Q:What kind of extraction kits can be used?

    A: This machine is open source, you can use any Brand extraction kits, we recommend use large company’s extraction kits


    Q:Can we use the extraction kits made by Thermo Fisher?

    A: Yes, you can use Thermo and other Brand extraction kits


    Q: I also need a copy of the protocols.

    A: We do not sell extraction kits, You need get protocols from extraction kits company


    Q:What kind of consumables do we need? Please send me the list of all the consumables needed in order to use your equipment including tip comb. I would appreciate it if I can get an item number from Thermo Fisher?

    A:There are three consumables for this 96 system.

    1) Part# AS-17061-01 Magnetic tip comb

    2) Part# AS-17061-02 96-Deep well plate

    3) Part# AS-17061-03 96-Elution plate


    The usage ratio is 4:1:1, 4 96-Deep well plate : 1 Magnetic tip comb : 1 96-Elution plate


    You also can use Thermo consumables, the Thermo part number is 95040460 (96-Deep well plate, sterile), 95040450 (96-Deep well plate, non-sterile), 97002534 (Magnetic tip comb )


    Q:If I place the order today, can you mail that out to me today?

    A: The lead time is 2 weeks after receive the payment

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