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NEW OEM Replacement parts for Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra Cell #1658001 PLUS

NEW OEM Replacement parts for Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra Cell #1658001 PLUS

SKU: BR-1658001 Plus
  • OEM Biorad Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Vertical Electrophoresis Cell, 4-gel, for 1.0 mm thick handcast gels #1658001 Plus
  • Use the Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Vertical Electrophoresis System to cast and run 1–4 mini gels.
  • Run Mini-PROTEAN Precast Gels, Ready Gel® Precast Gels, or handcast polyacrylamide gels Handcasting set for gels 1.0 mm thick
  • This protein electrophoresis system includes:
  • - Tank, lid with power cables, electrode assembly
  • - Mini cell buffer dam
  • - Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Companion Running Module (165-8038)
  • - 2 casting stands with 4 casting frames
  • - 5 short plates and 5 spacer plates with integrated 1.0 mm spacers
  • - Five 10-well combs
  • - Five gel releasers (165-3320)
  • - TGX Stain-Free FastCast Acrylamide Starter Kit, 10% (161-0182)
  • The Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell eliminates tedious assembly procedures and has a patented sealing mechanism* that prevents assembly errors during handcasting.
  • Note: To run 1–4 gels, please order a 4-gel cell or order a 2-gel cell and the optional Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Companion Running Module.
  • Please contact us if you need more Bio-Rad OEM parts
  • We also do OEM for Your company!
  • Notes: Hazardous chemicals commonly used in conjunction with electrophoresis work, Electrophoresis work poses potential electrical, chemical and physical safety hazards. Do NOT buy used electrophoresis parts which may have hazardous chemicals. For safety, always buy New electrophoresis parts!
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